Jennifer Widerstrom

Jennifer Widerstrom

Jennifer's 90 day challenge

"I initally was in search of an
alternative source of quality
protein. Taking the Watershed
products not only did I feel
more energy in my day but
overall my body felt incredible.
It helped me build
lean tissue while reducing
my body fat as well as
the layer of excess tissue just below
the skin. Bottom line,
I love Watershed products."

Professional Athletes Endorse The Watershed Wellness Center

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Randy Couture MMA legend

Randy "The Natural" Couture

"Since taking Watershed products I am more energetic and recover faster. I don't get the muscle soreness from workouts getting ready for a fight."

Stan McQuay Professional Bodybuilder

Stan McQuay

"No jokes, gimmicks or false claims when it comes to Watershed products....this stuff really works and my body speaks louder than words!"

Gray Maynard 

"My fiance and I love the products that we received from Watershed Wellness Center!! During my training camps I drink 2 gallons of the ionized water a day!!! Along with taking the chlorella and spirulina, I feel more energy and efficiency throughout my body!! I feel much more hydrated when I drink ionized water while I'm working out and sweating a lot. The products are an important part of my training and my life in general. Thank you!!"









Adam Von Rothfelder

"Not only are watershed products amazing so is the company. They have helped me as an athlete by supplying me with the highest grade herbal supplements, but they also have helped me give back to the community locally and internationally. If you are looking for that extra edge in competition or just in a healthy lifestyle Watershed will definitely see to your success."