NatureBuilt Chlorella Frequently Asked Questions

What is NatureBuilt Chlorella?

Is NatureBuilt Chlorella tested for Radiation?

Is NatureBuilt NatureBuilt Chlorella Certified Organic?

How is NatureBuilt Chlorella grown?

How is the outer shell of the NatureBuilt Chlorella cell broken opened?

How is NatureBuilt Chlorella different from your competitors' Chlorella?

Is NatureBuilt Chlorella Certified Organic?

Can a person eat any strain of algae and get some nutrition or is there something special about NatureBuilt Chlorella?

When was it discovered?

Why haven't I heard about it before?

Where does it come from?

What are the main health benefits of NatureBuilt Chlorella?

How much scientific research has been done on NatureBuilt Chlorella?

How much should I take per day?

What results should I expect when I begin taking NatureBuilt Chlorella?

What time of day or night should I take it?

Why should I take it around mealtime?

How much should a person take if they are sick?

What is a Nutriceutical?

Can I take too much NatureBuilt Chlorella?

Has NatureBuilt Chlorella been pasteurized or freeze-dried?

Why are Enzymes so important to good health?

Can NatureBuilt Chlorella be used topically?

Can NatureBuilt Chlorella be given to children?

How much NatureBuilt Chlorella should children take?

What nutrients are in NatureBuilt Chlorella?

How much protein does it have?

Will NatureBuilt Chlorella give me energy?

Should a person keep taking vitamins once they start taking NatureBuilt Chlorella?

Isn't NatureBuilt Chlorella just another form of vitamins?

What is the NatureBuilt Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)?

How does NatureBuilt Chlorella detoxify the body?

What is NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
NatureBuilt Chlorella is a green single-celled algae cultivated in fresh water ponds. It has a grass-like smell because of the high amounts of chlorophyll in it, the highest concentration of any plant in the world. It has existed on the planet for billions of years and was one of the first foods to appear. Fossils of NatureBuilt Chlorella have been found dating back 3 billion years. NatureBuilt Chlorella is one of the healthiest, most potent foods in existence. In addition to being a perfect food for humans, lower grades of NatureBuilt Chlorella are fed to livestock all over the world.

How is NatureBuilt Chlorella grown? - [TOP]
NatureBuiltChlorella is carefully cultivated in huge fresh water ponds. The water it is grown in is ozonated then filtered for purity. NatureBuilt Chlorella quadruples approximately every 24 hours, which is a sign of its genetic purity and miraculous abilities to heal our bodies. For instance, NatureBuilt Chlorella causes the friendly bacteria in the human stomach (Lactobacilli) to multiple at four times the rate of normal.

Could I live on NatureBuilt Chlorella by itself and expect to be healthy?
Yes.  NatureBuilt Chlorella is a complete food with protein (60%), carbohydrates (16%), fats (5%), Fiber (19%) that are in the correct ratio to one another.  It is only one of two foods that a person can live on exclusively and still be healthy.  Spirulina is the other. There are many other foods that we could eat that would keep us alive, but none of them would allow us to stay completely healthy the way NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina can.  Ideally, you want to have as many different foods in your diet as possible.  Our founder, Bob McCauley, has between 250 – 300 different foods in his diet each year.  Sometimes they are very small amounts, but it is critical for health to have a wide variety of foods in your diet.  All foods from the plant world should be consumed uncooked.  We promote a vegan diet exclusively of raw fruits and vegetables, which is extremely difficult to achieve but do the best you can!  The more Raw you are, the better your health will be.

Will consuming NatureBuilt Chlorella give me enough protein? [TOP]
If you take a handful of NatureBuilt Chlorella with each meal (10 -14 tablets), that will be all the protein you need for that meal. If you want to eat meat, fish eggs or dairy with your meal it is strictly for the taste.  Your body will not require more protein.  We promote a plant-based, vegan diet, as opposed to an animal-based diet.  This philosophy is strictly founded on the principles of nutrition and physiology and not the belief that animals should not be killed for our consumption.  We do not take an official position on this because it overshadows the more important issue of health.  It is NOT at all healthy to consume COOKED meat, fish, eggs or dairy. 

What if we were to consume raw animal protein?
Organic, uncooked meat, fish, eggs or dairy is not harmful to the body, although there are no nutrients in animal food that cannot be found in the plant world.  The problem with cooked animal protein is that it is a pre-formed protein chain of amino acids that are then brought to high temperatures during the cooking process.  The higher the temperature and the longer the animal protein is cooked at these temperatures, the more harmful the animal protein becomes to our health.  Although it is not desirable, exposing plant proteins (unstructured amino acids) to high temperatures does not have the same deleterious effects on our health.

Why is plant-based protein better than animal protein?
NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina are 60% protein with 18 different amino acids in them that are in the correct ratio to one another.  Animal protein contains high amounts of some amino acids while others barely register.  It is this uneven amino acid compliment that makes animal food a poor choice for a protein base. 

How is the outer shell of the NatureBuilt Chlorella cell broken opened? - [TOP]
If the cell wall of the NatureBuilt Chlorella is not broken open, the nutrients in NatureBuilt Chlorella are not accessible, yet not all Chlorella producers adequately open the cell wall. It is this outer fibrous cell wall that differentiates NatureBuilt Chlorella from any other algae. It is a unique dietary fiber found nowhere else in nature that binds with heavy metals, radiation and other synthetic toxins and effectively removes them. The producer of NatureBuilt Chlorella uses the pressure differential method of rupturing the outer fiber shell rather than crushing it as many other Chlorella producers use. Other Chlorella producers use different, more antiquated methods.   NatureBuilt Chlorella uses the Pressure Release Method for opening the cell wall. They raise the pressure suddenly as the Chlorella is sent through a chamber, then it is suddenly released. This is the most effective and organic method of breaking open the cell wall because it does not disturb the nutrients in Chlorella yet allows full access to them. And nothing comes in contact with the Chlorella the way other methods do. By crushing the Chlorella shell, as other Chlorella producers’ practice, many of the nutrients are scattered and do not remain together as they should. Our process opens 99.9% of the Chlorella we produce, the highest open-wall rating of any brand on the market. 

How is NatureBuilt Chlorella different from your competitors' Chlorella? [TOP]
As discussed, our manufacturer uses a different process, and we believe, more effective method of rupturing Chlorella's fibrous outer shell which is necessary to get at the nutrients. We believe NatureBuilt Chlorella is the finest Chlorella that can be found on the market and most importantly, it is far more economical than much of the other Chlorella you will find on the market. We buy direct and pass along the savings to you.

Can a person eat any strain of algae and get some nutrition or is there something special about NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
There are over 70,000 species of algae. Some are highly nutritious, others are extremely toxic. NatureBuilt Chlorella is a very specific strain of algae known as Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. The only other algae we recommend is Spirulina Platensis, which we also carry at The Watershed Wellness Center. While there are other consumable algae such as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) or Klamath Lake Algae, a blue-green algae, none approach the nutriceutical properties of NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina.

When was Chlorella discovered? - [TOP]
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa was identified around the end of the 19th century. The Japanese began studying it more closely in the 1940's and are responsible for much of Chlorella's popularity today. The Japanese take more Chlorella per capita than Americans take vitamin C, America's most popular Vitamin. However, Chlorella is many times more powerful a whole-food than any other multivitamin or supplement on the market.

Why haven't I heard about it before? - [TOP]
While NatureBuilt Chlorella is very popular in Japan and throughout Asia, it has only recently gained notoriety in the West. It has not become a popularized fad such as Melatonin, MSM, St. John's Wort and other herbs that explode on the market then disappear quickly when interest is lost in them. NatureBuilt Chlorella is slowly becoming more widely known as its astounding and profound health benefits are revealed through scientific study and word of mouth. Because of its incredible nutritive properties, when NatureBuilt Chlorella finally does become a household name, its stay with us will be permanent, not temporary like so many of the herbs and hormones that have made it onto the cover of popular news magazines.

Where does it come from? - [TOP]
NatureBuilt Chlorella is grown in Taiwan by the world's largest Chlorella manufacturer. It is scrutinized for purity and bacterial contamination by on-site laboratories. It is a highly regulated product and is the only Chlorella in the world exported and allowed to be sold in Japan that is not produced in Japan. To achieve this, it had to be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, which is the only governmental health authority in the world to have adopted and standardized NatureBuilt Chlorella quality and certification.

What are the main health benefits of NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
Besides the fact that it is a perfect food which provides the body with nearly all its nutritional needs, it is a powerful Immune System Builder, extremely Detoxifying and excellent for Digestion. The various health benefits of NatureBuilt Chlorella are discussed in this and other NatureBuilt related articles.

How much scientific research has been done on Chlorella? - [TOP]
Chlorella is one of the MOST scientifically researched foods in human history, as is Spirulina, which NASA has determined will be one of the first foods grown on the space station when it is completed. The research done on both of these has come from all over the world by scientists at universities, private industries and Chlorella manufacturers themselves. Not a single negative aspect of NatureBuilt Chlorella has ever been sited as far as human health is concerned.

How much should I take per day? - [TOP]
3 - 4 grams or 12 - 20 tablets, per day is a good maintenance dosage of Chlorella for a person to take. With this amount, you will not notice dramatic changes, and your body will get many of the nutrients it must have to function properly such amino acids (protein), vital minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and enzymes. However, a person taking 5-7 grams per day is quite common and at this level you will notice significant changes in digestion, energy and overall health. At higher dosages such as 10-12 grams per day, a person could stop eating meat and feel confident that they were getting an adequate amount of protein and other necessary nutrients that meat provides.  Dosages for the whole family.
Tablet Dosages:
Maintenance Dosage: 6 - 10 tablets/day
Protein Substitute: 10 - 15 tablets/day
Should I take a daily dosage of NatureBuilt Chlorella all at once?
NatureBuilt Chlorella should ideally be consumed throughout the day rather than all at once.  This gives the body a better opportunity to absorb the nutrients and uses them as they are required.  Protein is a good example of this since it cannot be stored in the body.  The same is true of many vitamins, such as the Vitamin B Complex.

What results should I expect when I begin taking NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
The first thing is better digestion, especially if you have bad breath or constipation. Both of these are readily handled by taking small doses of NatureBuilt Chlorella. However, many of the benefits of NatureBuilt Chlorella are subtle and not easily determined by how a person feels. For instance, NatureBuilt Chlorella has been demonstrated to remove heavy metals and other synthetics from the body by actually binding with them so they may be pulled from the bloodstream. However, this result can only be measured if the level of heavy metals in the bloodstream is known before and after a person starts taking NatureBuilt Chlorella. It takes approximately 3 – 6 months for heavy metals to begin to be removed from the blood depending on the amount of Chlorella that is being taken. If it has been determined that a person does have heavy metals in their body, they should begin by taking 15 – 20 grams per day depending on the level of heavy metals that are present.

What time of day or night should I take it? - [TOP]
NatureBuilt Chlorella can be taken at any time of the day. It can be taken all at once or it can be taken in small dosages throughout the day, which is preferable. It is best taken 20 – 30 minutes before mealtime so it can help with digestion and intake of nutrients. Morning is also a good time to take NatureBuilt Chlorella, but never just before or after drinking coffee or soft drinks since caffeine is extremely detrimental to the digestive process.

Why should I take it around mealtime? - [TOP]
As previously mentioned, NatureBuilt Chlorella causes the bacteria in our stomachs, the Lactobacilli, to multiply at 4 times the rate of normal. This helps provide very good digestion and more importantly, better assimilation of nutrients.

How much should a person take if they are sick? - [TOP]
This will depend on what they are sick with and how sick they are. A dosage of 10-20 grams a day is recommended for someone who is sick, especially with a chronic disease. It is also recommended that people who are sick take Spirulina in addition to NatureBuilt Chlorella in order to reap the full benefits of both these powerful, healing nutraceuticals.

What is a Nutraceutical? - [TOP]
It is a food that provides the body with the proper nutrition so it can heal itself. The self-healing capabilities of the human body are astounding, however, we often do not given it the proper amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that it needs.  Here is a Complete Nutritional Analysis of NatureBuilt Chlorella

Can I take too much NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
It is best to think of Chlorella as a food because that is exactly what it is: one of the purest, most potent foods on earth. A person cannot take too much Chlorella because it is naturally detoxifying. Therefore the fear of Chlorella accumulating and becoming toxic to the body is not present. However, there is a "comfort level" with every person where he or she knows how much Chlorella to take per day. In general, that level will be about 5-8 grams per day.

Has NatureBuilt Chlorella been pasteurized or freeze-dried? - [TOP]
No. If it had it would no longer contain any enzymes, one of the most powerful and important aspects of NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina. Any food that has been cooked, processed, pasteurized or freeze-dried has lost its enzymes, which are of vital importance to good health regardless of our age.

Why are Enzymes so important to good health? - [TOP]
As we get older, our bodies eventually lose the ability to manufacture enzymes and we need thousands of different enzymes for our bodies to function properly! Of all the things missing from our diet, enzymes are at the top of the list because of our tendency to eat only cooked, pasteurized, processed or preserved foods. The only place to get enzymes is from fresh fruit and vegetables, foods such as NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina.
The intake of nutrients is hindered greatly as we age because of this depletion of digestive enzymes and the lack of Hydrochloric Acid in our stomachs which breaks down the food we eat so the nutrients may be assimilated by the body. This chronic lack of nutrients in the body over many years along with the buildup of toxins in the body and brain is one of the major factors relating to the health problems that all of us, especially the elderly, face today. For instance, autopsies of some people have all been found to have high levels of aluminum in the brain. Toxins are replete throughout our environment, in the air we breathe and the food we eat. They are simply a part of nature that we cannot avoid. By taking NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina, we help eliminate these problems because of the nutrition and enzymes they provide and powerful detoxification properties they possess.

Can NatureBuilt Chlorella be used topically? - [TOP]
Yes. NatureBuilt Chlorella can be powdered (if it is not already) and mixed with water into a paste and applied over a cut, scrape, rash or serious wound to help effectively heal it. It is the Chlorella Growth Factor in the Chlorella that makes it such an effective healer of human tissue. After consuming NatureBuilt Chlorella for approximately one year (at levels of 5-7 grams per day) a person will notice significant healing improvement of cuts, scrapes, and wounds without the need to apply it topically.

Can NatureBuilt Chlorella be given to children? - [TOP]
Absolutely. Chlorella is one of the safest foods in the world. It can be given to the whole family. It has absolutely no side effects of any kind.  In fact, Chlorella has been shown to promote rapid growth in children, as well as build in them superior immune systems. In studies with identical twins, the one given the NatureBuilt Chlorella grew much faster, much healthier and had much fewer instances of colds, flu, etc. than the twin who was not given Chlorella.  Chlorella is one of the safest foods in the world. 

How much NatureBuilt Chlorella should children take? - [TOP]
1 to 1 1/2 grams per day (4 – 6 tablets per day - 250 mg each tablet). Spirulina can be given in the same amounts daily as well.

What nutrients are in NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
Amino acids (protein), enzymes (including pepsin for digestion), vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. One could easily live on nothing else. Along with Spirulina, it is one of the world's most perfect and powerful foods.

How much protein does it have? - [TOP]
60% of NatureBuilt Chlorella is protein, which is in the form of amino acids. NatureBuilt Chlorella contains 18 of 22 known amino acids and is considered a complete protein, meaning that it has the essential 8 amino acids. It is a far superior protein source to others such as meat, fish and eggs because these are secondary protein, meaning that the amino acids have already been formed into protein to become the flesh of an egg or another animal. When we eat a food such as meat, our bodies must first break down the protein into amino acids then reform them into the proteins that our body needs. This is inefficient and not nearly as effective as simply taking pure amino acids to begin with.

The human body wants to form long complex chains of amino acids into the tens of thousands of different protein structures the body needs to perform functions all over the body. However, if one amino acid is missing, then an incomplete protein will form that will not function as effectively as a complete protein. There is no other natural source of protein available that provides such a complete and balanced array of amino acids than Chlorella and Spirulina.

Will NatureBuilt Chlorella give me energy? - [TOP]
Yes. As the body begins to get these pure nutrients that it must have to function properly, increased vitality and energy will certainly follow. Spirulina is also a very potent source of energy. A gram or two of NatureBuilt Chlorella or Spirulina in the morning will provide the body with lots of energy. However, unlike sugar, caffeine or other "energy pick-me-ups", NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina do not lift you up then let you down soon after because they are not drugs of any sort. They are pure nutrients. They last much longer and since they are pure nutrients, there is never a let-me-down or "low feeling" afterward. This is also true of Ionized Water.

Should a person keep taking vitamins once they start taking NatureBuilt Chlorella? - [TOP]
It would not hurt to keep taking multivitamins with NatureBuilt Chlorella, but in our opinion multivitamins are not needed. NatureBuilt Chlorella and Spirulina contain a wide array of vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes and yet are much more economical than most vitamins.

Isn't NatureBuilt Chlorella just another form of vitamins? - [TOP]
No. NatureBuilt Chlorella is a whole-food, very much unlike most commercial vitamins. While it contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, NatureBuilt Chlorella is superior to vitamin supplements in many ways, one being that it is natural and the vitamins and minerals in NatureBuilt Chlorella are bio-chelated, which means they are naturally wrapped in amino acids so the body will more readily take them in. Vitamins are nothing more than an amalgam of concentrates and extracts that have been artificially stitched together because on paper they look like they should provide balanced nutrition. A whole food such as NatureBuilt Chlorella provides the body with a stunning amount of nutrients that are naturally balanced and can NEVER accumulate in the body and become toxic and therefore are far superior to any man-made nutritional formula.

How does NatureBuilt Chlorella detoxify the body? - [TOP]
NatureBuilt Chlorella has an indigestible outer fibrous shell that must be broken open in order to get at the nutrients and CGF. It is this fibrous outer shell that actually binds with heavy metals in the blood to pull them out of the tissue and bloodstream. This detoxification of heavy metals and other chemical toxins in the blood will take 3-6 months to build up enough to begin this process depending on the dosage of NatureBuilt Chlorella a person is taking. It is also this fibrous material that greatly augments healthy digestion and overall digestive tract health.
As previously discussed, many of the health problems that face the elderly today can be traced in part to the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in the body and brain, as well as chronic lack of the assimilation of nutrients because of the depletion of digestive enzymes and bacteria. These must be removed by detoxification on a continuous basis throughout a person's life if they expect to remain healthy. NatureBuilt Chlorella is a superior digestive that enhances and facilitates the intake of nutrients when taken before eating.

The level of acidity or alkalinity in the body is critical. A soft drink such as a cola has a pH 2.5. Our bodies should maintain a pH in the neighborhood of 7.0. This means the cola is literally thousands of time more acidic than our bodies. It also means that an extremely acid liquid such as a soft drink is sitting in an aluminum container that has a neutral pH. Since nature always strives to remain balances in every sense, it can be assumed that the cola with a pH 2.5 is trying to leach the aluminum from the neutral can in order to balance itself. If you must drink soda, never drink it from a can. Never cook in aluminum pots or pans, or use antiperspirants with aluminum in them. They may slowly accumulate in your body and brain through years of continuous use.

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