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We are the exclusive importer of all Yi Shan Electric Company and Taiwan Chlorella Products in the U.S.

Worldwide Reputation

• The Watershed Wellness Center is the largest importer of Water Ionizers and Chlorella in North
America and exports to 22 countries.

• The Watershed Wellness Center is one of the few companies in the USA to have their water ionizers approved to UL certification standards (USA safety and reliability standards for electrical devices).

• Our company has been leading the industry in educating America about Ionized water since 1995.

• We were the 1st North American company to import Jupiter Ionizers before becoming the exclusive importer of Yi Shan products.

  • • We are the ONLY Water ionizer company with professionally trained technicians and water experts to help you with any water pre-treatment needs. Our Founder Bob McCauley is a Certified Water Technician with the State of Michigan.

    Our Mission

    The Watershed Wellness Center was established to educate the world about natural health and
    demystify the many misconceptions of how natural health is achieved. Our goal is to provide quality,
    natural health products that lead to great health.

    Our philosophy about natural health

    • The body is capable of healing itself of any disease.
    • Hydrate, Alkalize, Detoxify the body is the health mantra we live by.
    • Disease is not a state of victimhood, health is a choice. It is the result of a person’s lifestyle choices.
    • Health is a habit, not an event. Health is a choice.
    • Medicine does not lead to health.

    Dealer Support

    Our technical support and customer service teams are always available to answer any
    general or technical questions about our products and provide friendly, excellent
    customer service.

    We also provide the following to our distributors:

    • Promotional flyers
    Download the Aquatonic flyer here PDF
    • The only book written exclusively on Ionized Water. The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water, by the Founder of our company, Bob McCauley, which is considered to be the bible of ionized water. This is why all Ionizer distributors use this book to educate their clients about ionized water, including our competitors.
    • Use of any written material on our website
    • Full access to Bob McCauley's expertise on Ionized water and the marketing of all of our products.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a distributor.
1-888-826-4448 x 103 OR

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