Odorless Probiotic for Pets

Digestive Support and Odor Reduction for Pets

Being close to the pets we love and welcome as family members just got a lot easier. OdorLess is beneficial bacteria for your pet that increases their antibodies and strengthens their immune system. It effectively dissolves organic substances in the intestines of your pet, which improves their digestion, vigor and overall health. Simply add OdorLess to your pet’s food once or twice each day for a healthier and more vibrant pet. OdorLess bacteria remain in the feces of pets due to their resilience to stomach acid and bile, which results in a significant reduction in the odor of your pet’s feces. INGREDIENTS: Bacillus,Bacillus Nato,lactobacillus spp, soy and wheat powders and Vitamin B12 Contains No Additives, Preservatives, Fillers DOSAGES: 1 Packet daily sprinkled on your pet’s food.

Odorless Digestive Support and Odor Reduction For Pets

OdorLess Pets

30 grams size - (3 grams/packets) POWDER





Pet Chlorella Tablets or Powder

Odorless Pets

200 grams size - POWDER