Bio Magnets by BioMag Science

What are Bio Magnets?
Magnetic therapy was first recorded by the Chinese in circa 3000 BC. It is found in most civilizations throughout human history around the world.

By using a proper magnetic field, the electrical condition of the specific problem area of the body can be manipulated into a healing attitude. Forcing the electro-bio-chemical activity of the cells to assume a high-energy, healthy circuiting.

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(4 dime size magnets)

Rare Earth BioMagnets are properly focused Negative (-) and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles have differing effects on the physiology of the human body.

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(Magnets sold individually)

SUPER BIOMAGNET:Our most powerful Biomagnet, used for deep tissue treatment. Includes one magnet.

Gauss Rating: NEGATIVE SIDE 2,750 POSITIVE SIDE 3,150

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(Magnets sold individually)

REGULAR BIOMAGNET: Used for pain treatments and daily for Meridian Energizing Treatment. Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

Gauss Rating: NEGATIVE SIDE 1,500 POSITIVE SIDE 2,110

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Includes: 2 Super BioMagnets, 4 Regular BioMagnets, 4 Power Wafer BioMagnets, 1 Set of Water Jar Magnets, 1 Bottle Dissolved Stabilized Oxygen

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One of the most detail and comprehensive books available regarding healing with magnets. "The healing potential of magnets is possible because the body's nervous system is governed, in part, by varying patterns of ionic currents and electromagnetic fields."