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Finally there is a non-chemical way to treat the water in your home and get all the benefits and characteristics of soft water. Until now, if you had hard water problems, you had to buy or rent a costly salt ion-exchange softener or replace your plumbing and water heater periodically.

The proven MAGNETIZER Residential Hard Water Conditioner is chemical free, salt free, and the permanent healthy answer to your hard water problems. Prior existing scale is magnetically dissolved in the water. Scale is removed from your water heater and plumbing system thereby saving you energy and money.

(7,200 Gauss) -Whole House Water Conditioner
Hard Water: (1-40 grains of Hardness) (2 Sets – 4 Magnets)

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Includes: 2 Super BioMagnets, 4 Regular BioMagnets, 4 Power Wafer BioMagnets, 1 Set of Water Jar Magnets, 1 Bottle Dissolved Stabilized Oxygen

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(Magnets sold individually)

SUPER BIOMAGNET:Our most powerful Biomagnet, used for deep tissue treatment. Includes one magnet.

Gauss Rating: NEGATIVE SIDE 2,750 POSITIVE SIDE 3,150

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(4 dime size magnets)

Rare Earth BioMagnets are properly focused Negative (-) and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles have differing effects on the physiology of the human body.

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(Magnets sold individually)

REGULAR BIOMAGNET: Used for pain treatments and daily for Meridian Energizing Treatment. Included in the Wellness Kit or sold separately.

Gauss Rating: NEGATIVE SIDE 1,500 POSITIVE SIDE 2,110

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One of the most detail and comprehensive books available regarding healing with magnets. "The healing potential of magnets is possible because the body's nervous system is governed, in part, by varying patterns of ionic currents and electromagnetic fields."