Heart Support - Amla - 1 lb.

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Form: powder that can be mixed with water, juice or tea to be consumed

Dosage: Recommended dosage for is 5 grams (2 – 5 teaspoons) two times each day after a meal.

1 lb. bag

Amla is a fruit that is full of Vitamin C.   The English name of Amla is Indian gooseberry.  It also contains calcium, iron, protein, garlic and tannic acids, sugar, phosphorus, carbohydrates etc.

Vitamin C Source

The Amla fruit is even better than the orange fruit in its vitamin C levels. It has 30 times more vitamin C than an orange, which makes it one of the richest vitamin C fruits available. Research has proven that vitamin C can reduce the severity of colds, act as a natural antihistamine and boost the immune system. To get the full vitamin C benefit from the amla fruit, it should be eaten raw.


Foods rich in antioxidants can protect from harmful free radicals. Amla is one of the healthy fruits that is rich in antioxidant chemicals such as quercetin (also found in apples), gallic and ellagic acids (found in green tea), and corilagin.