The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water

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The Definitive Guide to the World's Healthiest Substance

Water is our best defense against disease of every kind. Sixty percent or more of all chronic disease would be significantly reduced if people would simply keep themselves properly hydrated. To ionize means to gain or lose an electron. Essentially, the ionization process robs an electron from one molecule and donates, or transfers, it to another molecule. Both Alkaline and Acid Ionized Water have extraordinary properties and benefits, however, their respective uses could not be more different. We consume Alkaline Ionized Water and use the Acid Ionized Water on the outside of our bodies for acne, cuts, scrapes and rashes of all kinds. It kills bacteria on contact and encourages plant growth. The centerpiece of Alkaline Ionized Water are its antioxidant properties. It is miraculous that normal tap water can be instantly transformed into a strong antioxidant.


“All great ideas are controversial or have been at one time.”

~ George Seldes

This book was created using articles I've written on Ionized Water as well as sections of my first book Confess ions of a Body Builder, Rejuvenating the Body in Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water [i] and my second book, Achieving Great Health [ii] . These works promote Ionized Water as the healthiest substance we can possibly put in our bodies. Over the last ten years, I have done more to promote Ionized Water than any other person in North America . I can say that because both my books have focused on Ionized Water and describe it in simple, everyday laymen's terms that the average person can understand. I knew it was important to write to this level because like most people, I don't have much of a formal scientific background. However, I do have a great love of science and a desire to understand the properties of Ionized Water . The ionization of water and the minerals it contains can easily be confirmed through scientific methods and measured using scientific instrumentation.

I was introduced to Ionized Water several years ago by a group of people who did not entirely understand what Ionized Water was.[iii] But they didn't know what made Ionized Water alkaline. They knew Ionized Water was very hydrating and detoxifying and that it contained smaller water molecule clusters because it was called micro-water, but they didn't know exactly how these tiny clusters were created or why they were important. They knew that Ionized Water was not only an antioxidant, but an extremely powerful and effective one. They told me that it was a free radical scavenger (Appendix 6) , but they did not realize what qualities it possessed that qualified it as one. And they did not know that Ionized Water had a negative charge or Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) [iv] , which is a measurement of the millivoltage (mV) of the water. ORP is the most important term to learn regarding health and they didn't even mention it because they hadn't been told that ionization causes a radical change in the ORP of the water. Most of all, they did not understand how Ionized Water was created because if they did it would have answered most of the other questions they had as to why it possessed the qualities it did.

Ionized Water had not been properly explained to me in terms that I, the average person, could understand. I decided to fly to California and visit the importers of Japanese water ionizer models and I learned that the Japanese manufacturers were trying to market their product from Japan using Japanese marketing techniques. I knew this would never work in the American marketplace since Westerners do not at all think like Asians when it comes to health. Westerners historically follow allopathic medicine, which tries to overcome the natural mechanisms of the human body. Asians historically follow naturopathic or holistic medicine, which encourages us to flow with nature, not oppose it. They also stress preventive health rather than react to a disease that has already developed. Western allopathic medicine attempts to create synthetic substances known as pharmaceuticals to use as weapons to overcome disease when in fact they only control the symptoms of disease. And they do not even do a very good job at that because every drug has side effects, some of them quite serious.

We need to approach the concept of Ionized Water with the understanding that it is a phenomenon created in nature, but that here we able to intensify and concentrate it incredible properties. Ionized Water helps the body to flow with nature, not oppose it. This is a lesson that we still learning in the West. Ionized Water was accepted by Asians first because it is found in nature and therefore it is a natural substance that enhances our health. Asian philosophy has at its core tenants that readily accept the concept of Ionized Water because it is completely natural.

I began to examine various water ionizer manufacturers and found there were only a few in Asia . Rumors surrounded Ionized Water and what its properties could actually achieve. There were stories that over 25% of all Japanese drank Ionized Water , when in fact only 1 – 4% of the Japanese population consumes it regularly. Other stories suggested that it was used extensively throughout Japanese industry. It was rumored that it was used successfully in the agricultural industry for livestock and as a pesticide on golf courses. I have found substantiation for some of these claims, but it is not as widely used as was rumored. Ionized Water could potentially be used in numerous capacities in many industries.

Virtually all the water ionizers sold in North America at that time were manufactured in Japan . The first water ionizers in North America were priced at more than US$5000 in the 1980's. By 1996, they sold for around US$1200, which I knew was far too expensive for the average person to afford. Ionized Water was completely unknown, in part because it was such an alien concept to the general public. I began importing water ionizers from Korea in 1996 and quickly learned that everything depended on the quality and reliability of the manufacturer's product. My first importation of water ionizers resulted in a 80% failure rate, mostly because of cheap parts. It took a while, but once I had a reliable product, all I needed to do was learn how to market them. My main goal was to bring the price down to make them affordable to as many people as possible. I knew it would be word of mouth that made Ionized Water a household name. It was going to be a grass-roots phenomenon, people telling neighbors, friends and family about their wonderful experience with Ionized Water that was going to mainstream it into the general population.

We were the first company in the world to offer water ionizers under US$1000 and less than six months later we were selling them for under $600, which was a key price point that significantly accelerated the North American water ionizer market. When it the price dropped below US$500, things really took off.

I have been blamed for cheapening the value of Ionized Water by reducing the price of water ionizers when in fact it has had just the opposite effect. Bringing the price of water ionizers down has resulted in more people having become healthier by drinking it. They have also spread the word about Ionized Water because when someone tries something that makes them feel great, they tell everyone they know about it. For that, I am guilty and quite proud of it. Giving people the information they need to become healthier has become for me the most satisfying, rewarding occupation I could ever imagined having.

I have sold thousands of water ionizers over the last ten years and I know that it is only the beginning for what will one day become a household word: Ionized Water . The water ionizer will one day be as common in the home as the toaster or microwave. It will take much more education and that's what this book is all about: educating the general population that knows nothing about the world's healthiest substance.

I began selling more water ionizers than any other company in the United States within six months simply on the basis of price and reliability of the water ionizers I sold. Since no one knew anything about Ionized Water , I began to produce flyers and information sheets that introduced people to the concept of ionization and what they could expect from drinking Ionized Water . At the time, the only other book available that even talked about Ionized Water was Reverse Aging by Sang Whang. But there still was nothing that described the Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water in simple layman's terms that the average person, one not particularly interested in bettering their health, could read and easily understand. Hopefully, they would see that adding Ionized Water to their lifestyle could dramatically improve their health.

About the same time that I found Ionized Water , I also discovered chlorella and spirulina , the most powerful, nutritionally dense whole foods in the world. I developed flyers and information sheets about those as well and began including them with all the water ionizers and other products we were selling. Collectively, those turned into a catalog and eventually I wrote Confessions of a Body Builder , which is not about weightlifting, but building the body with water and nutrients. It was the first book in print that explained Ionized Water in simple layman's terms that the average person could comprehend. At present, only a small percentage of the public knows anything about Ionized Water , but it is growing in awareness, building momentum that parallels the natural health movement. People are beginning to realize that medicine addresses the symptoms of disease, it does not heal the body.

All disease can be cured by the body if it is alkalized, hydrated and detoxified. This will be a recurring theme in this book because it is the recurring theme of health. Alkalization, hydration and detoxification are the basic structural tenants of my health protocol because they are what nature dictates we do if we want to be healthy.

I deliberately use the technique of redundancy in this book because the concepts of ionization, alkalization and detoxification are still quite mystifying to the average person. The use of repetition and describing the same thing in different ways is helpful to someone who knows nothing about what you are tying to teach them. This is especially true when the subject is complicated and your reader desperately wants to understand it. It's also why I try to write in the simplest of terms that I possibly can. I leaned this technique by reading Ernest Hemingway and Stephen Crane.

I believe the time is right for the West to finally accept and embrace Ionized Water . Although it is quite complicated in regard to its mechanical chemistry, Ionized Water is created by a simple process that is easy to understand. I will not discuss its chemistry in detail because I am not a chemist and we do not need to understand the chemistry of Ionized Water to benefit from it. The same is true for health in general. We do not need to understand the mechanics of human health to be healthy any more than we need to understand how to repair an engine in order to drive a car. All you need to know in order to start a car is how to turn the key. Ionized Water is the key we should use to start on the path to Great Health, Perfect Health, the kind of Health most people only dream of.