Pet Chlorella Tablets (1000 Tablets)

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Pet Chlorella Tablets (1 x 250 gram pack) (250 mg/tab, 1000 tablets)

Tablets: 4 tabs per gram

4 Tablets/ 5 lbs
Example: 10 lb cat = 8 Tablets
30 lb dog = 24 Tablets

100% pure Chlorella Pyrensoidosa. No binders or fillers.

Chlorella is a green algae and the Most Powerful Wholefood known. CHLORELLA provides animals with a broad array of nutrients that your pet requires. It contains the highest amount of Protein, Chlorophyll and Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA) of any food. It also contains vitamins, minerals and lots of natural dietary fiber. CHLORELLA is a completely safe and healthy food for pets of any kind. Animals are often drawn to foods that they instinctually know are healthy for them. You can sprinkle the CHLORELLA tablets onto their food or give it to them separately.