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Customer Testimonials about our Products & Service at The Watershed

"I loved your book Mr. M…I actually was lucky enough to find it at a book sale and have “devoured” it a few times!!! It makes total sense…is logically backed up


I Consider myself beyond fortunate to have walked in on a lecture given by Bob McCauley, ND at Karyns' Raw 3 years ago. Immediately and without hesitation I made the decision to trust him and ordered his Chlorella and Spirulina because they are of the highest quality and purity I've integrated them into my daily diet. With my second order to the Watershed Wellness Center I purchased his book, Achieving Great Health: The 7 Components of Natural Health and his 32 oz bottle of angstrom minerals. Once again I was impressed with his clarity and integrity explaining and offering solutions to perfect health. Each line in this masterpiece is "grounded in wisdom". Dr. McCauley is light years beyond our time and a most enlightened teacher

My recommendation is that anyone with a seeking mind should own at least one copy of this book and share it with others!

Thank You so much to everyone at Watershed Wellness Center!
April 2014

Good speaking with you this afternoon. I want to say that your product the Chlorella Spirullina 50/50 is one of the main reasons I've gotten a restoration of my health. I've been taking it for about 5 years and I had been over 280 days in hospital between 2003 and 2006 (Infections and Charcot joint of the Left Foot). Complications due to diabetes and COPD. I take 12-15 chlorella tabs daily at the same time as 2 tabs of probiotic (20 strains). So Ryan, I thank you for the quality products and great service....even to us neighbors here in Canada. :)

Sincerely, Allan
October 5, 2012

Thank you Sheena for all your help with me, this was my first order with the watershed, you were so nice and professional and love your indescreet website.I'm looking forward to replacing all my products with you in the future, we are seniors and want to stay young & energetic and I will continue to save for your home ionizer, it's very dry here in Arizona. Thank you Bob for all your diligent work and loving care for the people on this planet, you are very special.I feel I can quit looking & surfing the internet,yours is all I need. God bless you all, thank you for caring. Joy

May 4, 2012

Dear Bob

You are one of the best writers I've ever read! I so agree with your point of view. I've been using Alkaline Water 9.5pH for years. Spirulina and Chlorella are my favorite supplements. I'm trying to advise my friends to eat raw foods to feel way healthier... but I always needed some good facts that I found in your answers.
I would love to google Your opinions from now on!!!! Write all your wise thoughts!!!! Thank you for being on this planet :)

June 22, 2011

I'm new to raw food and purchased chlorella tablets and wanted to read more about the "green" superfood and stumbled upon your book on Amazon. Glad I purchased it! Makes sense.

Just wanted to tell you this book is easy to follow and it rings true. I'm also a fan of Dr. Gabriel Cousens and was pleased to see that he wrote the Foreword by you.

Thanks for this book!
Cindy :)
June 5, 2011

Hi Mr. McCauley:
Your recent email about the benefits of Ionized Water was quite motivating----I really need to get a unit for our home.

I know "raw-food" eating is becoming more popular & that may be something I can attempt at a later time, but for now, I'm just 3 months into trying to become "Vegan", and giving up Meat, Eggs, Cheese, & all dairy is something I never thought I'd be able to do.
(Seeing the documentary Chow Down is what motivated me, thoroughly convinced me that it's the only way to steer clear of eventual Heart Disease.)  BUT I'm still struggling with getting closer to 90-100%----I've been 'cheating' when it comes to treats/snacks!!  (Turns out giving up the Meat/Eggs/Dairy was easier than losing my snack cravings!!)  I'm determined to get on top of that and also to start walking---starting now!!

Actually I'm convinced---from experience after being motivated in the past, by reading the book Protein Power & other low-carb-type plans---when I get away from refined carbs long enough to actually lose my cravings for sweets, the weight comes off surprisingly quickly & effortlessly, & that it will happen when I can get away from all the junk/refined sugar & flour, etc. again, even without the exercise, but I'm going to start the walking anyways you know, for other common-sense health reasons---circulation, strengthen heart, Vit. D, improve mood, etc.

Well, thanks again for your inspirations and endeavors to inspire us to greater health!!!!

Hi Bob -Watershed customer testimonials

First off, my name is Justin. I am a consistent consumer of Watershed Wellness Center products and love what the products do for me. I am 28, currently. Over the past year, I have made tremendous strides toward optimal health. I've felt better over the last year than I have in the past ten because of lifestyle changes. I am going in the right direction, that's for sure." - Justin

I take Chlorella and Spirulina every day and usually 2 or 3 times a day at that! And since taking both of these, my cravings have flown out the window. I no longer crave the carbs or the sugars. Before taking Spirulina and Chlorella, I craved ice cream every single day, and now I no longer care to even taste it.
By no longer having cravings, I would have to say that my body is finally getting the nutrition is really needs.
I am a firm believer in both of these foods!!

As a dealer I can say that you guys have been great to work with, very supportive, very helpful and my Watershed customers have been happy with their decision to buy a Watershed product.

As a Watershed ionizer owner myself - my EC550 is still working as well today as it did when I first got it 2 years ago.

I'll be ordering some "green tablets" soon - working on a new store and will offer that as well once I get it up. Keep up the great work, Bob - you're people (and products) are great!

August 16, 2010

Dear Patti!
Thank you for this response!  It's great to know that the company keeps on top of things like binders being added!  Thanks again for your integrity and excellence!

In Grace,
Romans 12:1-3

Hi Patti,
Many thanks to you and Bob for your courteous and quick help.
I have been on the Watershed Wellness website all afternoon . . . I'm so grateful to have your resources available to help support my new healthy lifestyle.  Thanks to you folks and your valuable information, I am making positive changes as outlined by Bob, and I've never felt younger or livelier!
With abundant appreciation,
June 15, 2010


You are one of the best men on Earth. I would love working with you, your path is the best man can do.

Thanks a lot,

June 15, 2010

Got your books, love them. You really have your heart in your work!  Since last writing you my husband and I took the leap and have been all raw for 13 days now!!  It has been pretty darn amazing so far.   Your book helps to motivate and inform me.

Your authority on the subject of water and health is unrivaled, and I consider myself priviledged to have had the opportunity to read your book and bring the benefits of Ionized water, chlorella, spirulina, (& marine phytoplankton recently) into both my lifestyle as well as my families. The impact you've had on me and the many others out there is profound, and since we can't ever see how far the ripples go, I'm grateful you took the time to wake people up.
Viktor Z.

I would like to begin by saying "Thank You!" About a year ago I purchased a water ionizer from your site and thus began my journey toward healthy living. The changes have been remarkable. I started with ionized water, then began taking the 50/50 chlorella spirulina, then began eating more raw foods, and have yet to experience the infra red sauna. But, that can only be a bonus at this point!   I just want to help spread the word about your amazing approach to great living!! Thank you again.

September 20, 2009

Hi Bob,

Here's a quick chlorella/spirulina success story. When I drove from Lansing to LA I made the trip in just over 50 hours with only two 3-hour naps the entire way. I've made that drive several times over the years and we never able to do that. Not even close. The only difference was that this time I was munching on your chlorella/spirulina tablets and drinking an acai berry energy drink. I was even full of energy when I arrived in LA.

September 12, 2009

Tell Bob when you see him that as a result of stumbling upon his website and taking this food source ....and also going mostly raw, that in the last 6 months I've been able to drop 30 sec per mile off my 5k time – my running friends are taking notice – it's been fun. I'm a convert.

I'm astounded by the change. I was struggling after the birth of my child, to get back in shape. For 3 years I've been calling myself a yoyo. I'd start to get in shape and then I'd pick up my daughters cold or I would get setback with nagging injuries.... And I even listened to people try to tell me I was just in my 40's now and had to deal with it. Good luck in your athletic endeavors.

June 26, 2009

Dear Bob,

Firstly, I must thank God for blessing you with so much wisdom, your words and actions are directly touching every single cell in my body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Mr Bob McCauley you are an angel sent by God to save his people. My name is Jamie Maxtone-Graham, I come from Papua New Guinea and I wish to collaborate with you and your team at watershed to start a new homeopathy health program here in Papua New Guinea. You have inspired me so profoundly that I am now implementing "Achieving Great Health" program. My family and I are now on raw food, (its a battle with my children, it took some time to change them, your TV and Radio interviews had a big impact), spirullina chlorella food supplements, we are already feeling great and seeing the benefits of ths new diet and lifestyle.

I look forward to your views many blessings


Health challenge: Lack of Energy!
Despite good diet and exercise, it seemed my energy was always lacking energy. My problem, I was to find out, was that I was way too acidic. First to go was my reverse osmosis water system only to be replaced by a water ionizer. Within weeks, my energy was wonderfully improved. That was nearly two years ago.

C. Catanese, Ph.D., DHt.
July 25. 2008

Alkaline minerals can work very nicely – they just don't taste very good. Eventually I heard of the ionizers offered by WaterShed and in 1999 I bought a Water ionizer from them.

I've had my same ionizer now for nearly nine years. I drink about 100 ounces of the water every day, and since buying it, I have not had so much as one bout of low back pain.

Even better news is that by making my patients aware of ionized water, I have been able to help an untold number of them get the same kind of pain relief. It is also incredible for helping you overcome fatigue.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Wayne Baird, DC
July 28, 2008

Product Testimonial: Water Ionizer

I have been using an Ionizer for years and recently had to send it in for a repair. What a difference I noticed the time it was not here. I always knew it was good but now I felt the difference. As soon as I got it back and started using it again I felt the difference right away. I have more energy, my immunity is stronger and I am a much happier person.

Paul Nison - Author and Lecturer
April 9, 2007

Our doctor told us about you. Love our ionized water.

Karen - Michigan
March 15, 2007

How has your health changed: Spirulina and Chlorella sharpen my mental focus and concentration for long periods of time. I always have excellent digestion.

Ionized Water has a full bodied depth of flavor that tastes delicious!!! It satisfies thirst and hydrates skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth with noticeable moisture.

Thanks for your really wonderful informative books, a pleasure to read!

June 8, 2007

Product Testimonial: Water Ionizer:
I purchased a Watershed EC Ionizer just two weeks ago and am very pleased with my purchase. Within the first few days I was able to move to the highest alkalinity level and have noticed a clear increase in my energy levels, deeper more restful sleep. The machine is simple to install and operate. Highly Recommended!

Charles Catanese, Ph.D.

Dear Watershed,

Loved your book, Achieving Great Health. It inspired me to buy a Water Ionizer from you (EP600). I have been eating raw for about 2 1/2 years. What a difference! Putting more Chlorella in my diet has really given me extra energy. You're right about the term Oxidation Reduction Potentional. More people need to understand the importance of this.


John Norton
December 5, 2007

looove your alkalized water machine - been telling everyone about you and

your products.

Janet Clewett
February 23, 3007

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for your time and diligence in assisting our family in the education and use of the water ionizer. I suspect we will have even greater results when we move the ionizer to our new kitchen later today, there it will be supplied by warm water. I have three families drinking the water on a regular basis and others taking it home from church twice a week. Most exciting was the opportunity I had on Sunday afternoon to pass on Bob McCauley's book to a scientist friend. He has been looking into the properties of water for his current experiments! If he likes it, we have many friends in common who will be more likely to listen to his advice! So thank you for assisting in making our testing more accurate!

I am personally feeling great, drinking a gallon of ionized water each day. My children did not drink much the first day, but are asking for water first thing in the morning and each carry their bottles with them throughout the day. We have nothing else to drink in our home. I plan to transition my daughter to your program as I realize her 52" - 54 lb. frame at age 8 will transform to an approximate 104 lb. adolescent in as little as 5 years! I know very few females who look forward to gaining 10 pounds a year as she does! Each pound will be healthy!

I believe people like things simple and yeah, simple does not always mean easy! This is, in a nutshell, my overwhelming excitement about your program. If we get the response I expect over the next few weeks. I will continue to personally spread the word about your program as best I can.

Thank You for helping America Achieve Great Health!


Linda Klaassen
TNT Furniture - Sales Manager

Dear Patti,

I truly appreciate your prompt response and attention to the matter. I have a great deal of interest in your store's products, and it's good to have the right products matched with excellent customer service. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to continually utilizing Watershed products.

Thanks again,

Shannon L. Pikka
August 30, 2006


I have come to rely on this water for improved health. Through the entire process, I was confident that you would take care of my needs.

Irene Ambrosio

Bogota , NJ
A ugust 10, 2006

Dear Bob,

I have been using your ionizer for a couple of years now and absolutely swear by it. I drink its water all day long and the health benefits have been immense.

Thanks again for your great promotion of this product.

Julia Swanson in Los Angeles
August 16, 2006

Hope all is well with you and yours ! My name is Michelle Hendricks and I'm writing you from Buffalo , New York . I wanted to let you know that I purchased a ionizer from you almost 2 yrs. ago and have been impressed with my ionic water! It has become a lifestyle for me.

Michelle Hendricks
April 4, 2006

Your health challenge: it is very dry here in Las Vegas

How your health has changed: Ionized Water is delicious! I have astounded many friends with the taste and health benefits of better water. They all report how much more moisture is in their bodies and skin.

John McNeill
February 28, 2006

Thank you so much for your newsletter. You are so right and thought provoking. I hope others listen. God be with you.

February 23, 2006

The book, "Achieving Great Health" was wonderful! I have gone meatless, soft drink free and use only structured, ionic, alkalized water with my Far-Infra-Red Sauna. I do feel much better but I still have a whole lot of body pain.

Randolph G. Young
February 21, 2006

Your health challenge: winter skin fix, health issues

How has your health changed: my skin has become very soft since starting the Ionized Water and Celtic sea salt. I would encourage everyone to try this. This has really changed my life.

Ed Fisher
February 17, 2006

How has your health changed due to The Watershed health protocol: it changed our health in so many ways- all good. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

The Mendozas
January 29, 2006

Your health challenge: stomach problems and tiredness

How has your health changed: my awareness of needing to drink more water has drastically risen this last year simply because we have the ionizer. Also, the water tastes better and therefore I drink close to my daily need. I feel much more hydrated. My eyes aren't puffy anymore and my skin is tighter. In the mornings when I wake up, I don' have an upset stomach and feel more rested! Viva la Ionizer.


From, Ignatius Tredoux
January 5, 2006

Good Morning, Bob!

I received the book yesterday and wow is it great!! Jam-packed with wonderful information! You are the Guru!!

Randy Young
January 9, 2006

Hello Bob, I bought a Miracle Fountain about two years ago. I like it very much along with my whole family, if I lost it I would want to replace it as quick as I could.

Randy Thigpen
December 29, 2005

Dear Bob and Family,

We want to wish you a beautiful holiday season and a new year 2006 charged with tons of health, success, happiness, and magnificent surprises. You have no idea how much healthier we have become thanks to your book, supplies, and knowledgeable advice. Tons of hugs! Looking forward to meeting with you in Anaheim in 2006.

Peter & Alfonso

How you health has changed: I am 63 and look 43. I eat healthy, plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains, and of course, my Watershed Health products. I stay healthy because I live healthy. I expect this health regiment to lead me into a very healthy old age!

Frank Johnson
September 30, 2005

I am a previous customer of yours. I ordered the Technos water ionizer and it has really helped me drink more (life preserving) water. Thank you.

Kathleen Grant
September 26, 2005

Thanks for an interesting and informative book. I learned a lot from it and have been a raw foodist for 6 months now reading everything I can get my hands on for natural health. Your information on Ionized water was also very interesting and I have been guilty of buying pure water for sometime now and plan to switch. I'll be looking forward to your comments regarding the alfalfa issue. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Bobby J Davis
September 2, 2005

How has your health changed? Energy, less joint pain, stomach better. Great bowel movement, etc. etc. etc.

Cecilia Mendoza
August 15, 2005

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