My Story of How I Achieved Great Health

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I got my first warning sign that I was heading for physical ruin in 1992 after a stressful move from New Jersey to Michigan. I became quite ill over a 12 hour period and had to be taken to the hospital. The stabbing pain in my side was likely a kidney or gall stone, but the doctors never determined exactly what the problem was. Then it happened again one year later. I was on the road to the demise of my health.

Back then, I was a lacto-vegetarian. I consumed dairy products, but no meat at all. Even though I'd lived on a meatless diet for 12 years, I had acidified my body and laid myself wide-open to disease. I was in my thirties and wondered how I could have lived without meat for so long and still get sick. I got at least one cold or flu annually. One year, I had a chronic cough that lasted six weeks and I was never so miserable in my life. I knew something was still missing in my health picture, but I didn't know what it was. I learned later that the foods I was eating were killing me because they were not raw.

I was a vegetarian for 18 years before I discovered Spirulina and Chlorella. I became a vegetarian while traveling through India in 1980 and always considered myself to be quite healthy. Becoming a cooked-food vegetarian is a small step toward health. Becoming a raw foodist is ten giant leaps. People take tiny steps toward health, which is good, but they wonder why they still get sick.

Around that same time I was introduced to Ionized Water. I immediately realized that here was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen in my life. There is nothing more important for the body than water and there is no better water than Ionized Water. No other water even comes close. The first line of defense against disease is a properly hydrated body. Learning that and discovering Ionized Water are the best lessons I have ever learned about health.

I became first a lacto-vegetarian, then vegan and now a raw-food vegan. Many people change to the raw lifestyle because of a serious health challenge, but I am not one of them. I slowly changed to the raw food lifestyle and now feel as healthy as I did when I was in my twenties.

Now I know beyond any doubt that the body is capable of curing itself of any disease. Therefore, if you are sick, it is because you allow yourself to remain sick. It is not the foods we eat, but rather what the body does with the nutrients from those foods that it uses to heal itself. The source of all disease comes from our diet.

I am the author of three books on health. My first book, Confessions of a Body Builder, is the only book explaining ionized water for the layman. The second one, Achieving Great Health in 90 Days or Less, first published in 2005 outlines my entire health protocol. My 3rd book, The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water was published in 2006. It is the only book written exclusively on the topic of Ionized Water.  I also wrote Honoring the Temple of God - A Christian Health Perspective, (2010) and Silver: The Miracle Mineral - The End of Infectious Disease.  (2013)

As far as medical advice, I can offer none whatsoever. Anything regarding medicine should be between you and your doctor.

I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Master Herbalist, and a Naturopathic Doctor, which took 7 years of study. But the truth is that most of what I know about health is what I have directly experienced myself.  What I know of health is what I have read, experienced and spoken with others about. I offer on this website no medical advice, but rather guidance and ruminations about health. The reason I know almost nothing about medicine is because medicine does not lead to health. This book is essentially one person's opinion, that of my own. However, I challenge anyone to find flaw with the basic tenets of my health philosophy, which is that water and raw foods rule . What does it take to understand how to Achieve Great Health, a doctorate or a few letters behind your name? More than anything it takes understanding through experience and that is what I have done. This website provides the information of tools that I used to become truly healthy. I have reversed my aging process, rejuvenated my body at a cellular level. I am able to run six minute miles as I did when I was in my twenties because I have the body I had when I was in my twenties at a cellular level . I am in the best shape of my life, including my college days of track and cross country, although I don't train as hard as I did back then.

The human body is capable of curing itself of any disease. All we need to do is hydrate the body, alkalize the body and detoxify the body. The question is what do we need to do to achieve this. My health protocol is simple: Ionized Water, Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods, Angstrom Minerals, Exercise & Maintain Positive Mental Attitude. And it works each and every time it is tried, meaning that when my health protocol is followed, Great Health will result. Dont' think so? Just try it.


~ Dr. Bob McCauley

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