Discover a Caring Wellness Center in Grand Ledge, MI

Watershed Wellness Center has been a cornerstone in Grand Ledge, MI, since 1993. We offer a sanctuary for those seeking natural health solutions. Founded on Bob McCauley’s vision of providing premium Michigan mineral water, our wellness center has expanded to meet the growing health needs of our community. Our dedication to quality and natural wellness makes us a preferred wellness center for health enthusiasts.

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As North America’s largest importer of Taiwan chlorella and spirulina and a leading importer of water ionizers, we guarantee products that are 100% Vegan, sustainable, and free from harmful chemicals. Dr. Bob’s extensive knowledge, shared through books, blogs, videos, and consultations, is at your disposal to support your journey to better health. Take control of your health with our comprehensive range of products.

Our offers include the following:

Say Hello to a Healthier Tomorrow

In Grand Ledge, MI, and beyond, Watershed Wellness Center is more than just a wellness center; it’s a community hub for individuals seeking to improve their health naturally. With our wide selection of products, including chlorella powder, mineral supplements, prebiotic supplements, whole house water filters, and health books, we are here to support your wellness journey. Let us help you achieve your health goals with our unique blend of quality products and knowledgeable support. Reach out to us without delay!

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